11 Places to Visit in San Antonio You Didn’t Know About

Attracting numerous visitors round the year, San Antonio, Texas is a town quite popular for its great destinations, cultural exhibits and architectural beauties. It has got so much to offer, ranging from delicious food to lavish museums, serene walks to fun-filled bike rides, as well as adventure parks to art-loaded streets. But, the town features a whole bundle of places that are lesser known to visitors than what they actually deserve.

Below are 11 Places to Visit in San Antonio You Didn’t Know About!

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Apart from the well-known Spanish mission site, The Alamo, the town is also home to 4 other missions established in the 17th century. Mission San Jose has got a visitors center with a movie showcasing the history of the missions with must-watch illustrations. On Sundays, all of the 4 missions host Masses in their respective churches, while some of them let you cherish special mariachi music.

The Pearl

Sporting a collection of 14 restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries, 11 stores, a microbrew company and a boutique hotel, The Pearl is surely a hot spot for one and all. Catch the ‘make your food and eat it together’ cooking classes at the Culinary Institute of America or simply hit the year-round farmers market opening early on weekend mornings. Cured is a gastropub featuring a bar and house-cured charcuterie, while La Gloria specializes in Mexican street foods.

Witte Museum

A bundle of glorious exhibitions held by the Witte Museum are not quite known by most people who visit the place. And to catch a glimpse of some lovely exhibits, you must take a look at the museum’s exhibition calendar. Apart from the exciting CSI experience exhibition that was held in the past, the place is also home to things like a symbol-of-love park bench. On meeting his first wife Vivian, Johnny Cash carved the words “Johnny loves Vivian” on a park bench on the River Walk, thereby making their love immortal forever!

Seat Art Museum

All the credit to this one-of-a-kind museum goes to Barney Smith, a retired master plumber who began collecting and decorating used toilet seats, eventually turning them into magical artworks. Over time, Barney’s garage turned into an incredible toilet seat museum, wherein every corner of the walls sports artistic seats that are more than a thousand in number by now. Admission to the museum is free for the Alamo Heights, and one must call ahead to visit the place.

King William District

Get a deeper insight into the gorgeous architecture of San Antonio buildings that were constructed in the mid 18th century by paying a visit to The King William District. The 25-block area located east of the San Antonio River features lovely mansions inspired by Greek revival, Italianate and Victorian styles. You can scroll through the place by walk or hire a bicycle, cherishing the lovely views of the little O. Henry Bridge named for the author William Sydney Porter.  As real estate investors in San Antonio, we are always on the lookout for the best areas to buy houses in San Antonio, and the King William district makes the very top of our list.

Magic Lantern Castle Museum

If photography and slice projectors are what catches your interest to the core, you are going to be delighted to head to the Magic Lantern Castle Museum. The fun and highly educational place gives you a quick insight into the incredible history of slice projectors and photography, not only delivering a lifetime experience to the visitors, but also celebrating your passion for art.

Denman Estate Park

Heading to the Denman Estate Park that stretches over an area of 21 acres won’t fail to impress you with its half mile stroll path built around a pond loaded with ducks, turtles and geese. A convenient parking space, loads of tables and a labyrinth are rightly accompanied by The Koran Pavilion of Gwangju, a stunning monument featuring the traditional Korean pavilion appeal of the southern provinces. The spot has got both, the harmony and beauty of nature stealing your breath away.

Kiddie Park

Having its origins date back to 1925, the Kiddie park is the oldest amusement park in the United States, specially built to entertain kids up to the age of 12 years. So, if you are looking to spend a memorable time with your kiddos when visiting San Antonio, you must head to the Kiddie Park with family. A few highlights of the park include a lovely old-school carousel and Ferris wheel, while cherishing delicious treats at the snack bar. The place also hosts parties for special occasions.

Alamo Ice House

Offering an amazing environment for art lovers and party goers, Alamo Ice House is where you will find numerous local artists performing. Whether it’s live music, sports screenings, chilled drinks or the lovely barbecue sessions, the place has you covered. The chef here prepares delectable recipes, having the special seasonings and sauces as his secret recipes that are not even known by the other staff members. That’s why this place hat to be on this list to inspire you to grab your share of fun while you visit San Antonio!

Graffiti spots

Apart from sightseeing, yummy delicacies and fun-filled parks, San Antonio has got something in store for those who want to let their creative juices flowing! The city features some of the most amazing graffiti spots all around, letting you explore the work of some super cool graffiti artists showcased on the town streets and walls. To name a few, you are going to find works done by Nik Soupe (Soup), Supher, David “Shek” Vega, and Donald Lipski, along with so many more visual treats.


Join the locals of the town for a wonderful art scene, a spectrum of lively bars, eclectic stores and relaxing coffee houses – taking a short trolley ride from the Alamo, heading down the South Alamo Street. This bohemian arts district features an awesome retro gastropub named The Monterey, as well as Azuca Sabor Latino that serves a must-have spicy salsa, toothsome snacks and cold mojitos Restaurant Bliss is a hip bar, while the Blue Star Arts Complex sports great art spaces, a brewpub and a museum.

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