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You’ve finally found a legitimate Cash Home Buyer in San Antonio : )

My name is James, I’m the managing member of “San Antonio Cash Home Buyers”, which is another company that we do business as here in San Antonio, TX.  We buy houses all over the San Antonio and surrounding areas, and we aim to help every home owner accomplish their goals and to help to fulfill any need that they have along the way, whether it be financial or otherwise….

Have you just received a transfer letter from your boss and you are wondering how in the heck you’re supposed to sell your house in a hurry? Are you having rough time paying your mortgage and you are afraid that the financial institution will reposes the house? Are you avoiding foreclosure of facing divorce? Regardless of the reason, you can count on us when it comes to buying property. We don’t care whether the property is inhabitable, unwanted, inherited, owes liens or behind payment, damaged by fire or has bad tenants, we will buy it regardless of its current financial or physical state. If you own a property in San Antonio TX and you would like to sell it for cash, you can be sure that we will give you decent offer that will match the real value of your property. In this article, we are going to gives you reasons why we are the best San Antonio TX cash home buyers.

We save you the hustle of searching for real estate agent

If you have ever tried to sell your house before in San Antonio TX, then you definitely know that it is not an easy process. There are many barriers that people experience when they put their property on the market. First, you will be forced to look for a real estate agent who will demand huge fee or commission. What is even worse is that hiring the services of a real estate agent does not guarantee you that you will sell your house fast and at current market value. Things will even become more difficult for you if the property that you are planning to sell in San Antonio TX needs repair, is facing foreclosure, is abandoned or unwanted, inherited, not habitable or if you are struggling to pay your mortgage. The real estate agent will take advantage of that to force you to sell your property at price that is way below its current value. However, that is not the case with us. We care about you and that is why we buy property for cash regardless of its current condition. We will not only buy your house fast but will also give you fair price that matches its value.

You won’t have to clean or repair the property

Under normal circumstance, you are required to do all necessary repairs before you put your property on the market for sale. This is usually recommended because it helps to attract buyers fast. Seller are also supposed to clean their houses before they submit them to real estate agent for sale. However, that is not the case with us. You don’t have to repair or clean your house before you approach us. In fact we don’t care if the house has never been repaired or cleaned for months or years. We will still buy your property at an offer that is reasonable and within the current prevailing market price. This is because we understand that sometimes you can be too busy to find time to repair or clean your house before you put it for sale. We also understand that your current financial status may not allow you to do repairs that many real estate agents demand. All that you need to do is to inform us about your property that you want to get rid of and we will be happy to buy it for cash.

No signing of long contracts or paperwork

When selling your house via real estate agent in San Antonio TX, you will be required to sign long contracts some of which will bind you to an agent for a certain period of time. You will also be subjected to torturous process of dealing with paperwork that you don’t even understand what they are talking about. As an experienced family owned real estate Company in San Antonio TX, we understand the agony that sellers go through and that is why we have made the process easy for you. When looking for the right home buyer in San Antonio, for your property, you should strongly consider our company, because we will not only buy your property fast for cash but you won’t have to sign contracts that binds you to us or paperwork that you don’t even understand what it is all about.

We process cash within 7 days

The moment you contact us and present a short information about your property, we will evaluate it and give you an offer within 24 hours. When we give you an offer, it will be now up to you to choose when to close the deal regardless of the current condition of the property. We don’t care if has tenants or not because we will take care of them. Once you have closed the deal, you can have your cash in less than 7 days because unlike other buyers who rely on financial institutions to finance them, we buy property with our own cash.

We will give you decent offer for the property

We are not here to take advantage of your current situation, instead we are here to help. That is why we don’t give our clients conditions before we purchase their property. Once you give us information about your property, our team of experts will come to analyze the property to know its current market value. We will then give you a decent offer according to what our experts have recommended. The good thing is that we will process your money within the shortest time possible.

In conclusion, if you want to sell your house fast in San Antonio TX, then we are the best real estate company to choose. As an experienced real estate company, we understand the local real estate market more than anyone else. That is why we will evaluate your property and give you a good offer. The real estate industry is very competitive in San Antonio, but truth be told, that’s why we buy houses in San Antonio, because we can resell them quickly too.  The fact that we have offered our services for a long period of time means that our esteemed clients trust us. If you read reviews from our past clients, you will discover that they are very happy with services that we offer. What has made us to always stand above our competitors is the fact that we value our clients more than making huge profits. Call us today and we will buy your property for cash regardless of its current state.

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