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Sell Your House Quickly , At Any Price. Get To Know Our Process. You’re All Cash Offer Is Waiting.

We’re home buyers in Canyon Lake, TX and provide homeowners with the money that they need. It’s easier to make a decision to sell , but getting the best deal is another issue. There are many things that might prevent you from getting the best prices for your home.

Listing it on various websites online may seem like the best thing to do, but the process may take several months. Also, hiring a real estate agent is a wise decision, but you will have to pay them a certain percentage of your earnings. This means that selling your home to us would be the best decision that you can make.

We have many years of experience buying houses fast in Canyon Lake Texas and within this area. We are fully equipped and capable of handling all the paperwork involved in this process. If you choose to sell your home to us, we will take care of all the legal problems surrounding the sale of your house, including those linked to probate, divorce, empty land, and divorce.

How to Sell Your House

First, you should know that we buy houses in the condition that they are. This means that you don’t have to spend your money doing any major or minor repair before selling your property to us. Once we close the deal, any repair that needs to be done will be our problem.

If you want to sell a property to us, all you have to do is to visit our website and fill out our application form and will contact you to arrange a meeting. You are only required to submit some few details about your property. Once we are done inspecting the property, we will present to you an offer that you will find to be very competitive.(Go here to learn about our process →)

Most Common Situations for Selling A House Fast

Why Choose Us

We will save you time- Selling your house through an agent takes about 6-12 months. Also, you will spend a lot of money before you get a deal that you want. We have the cash to buy your house anytime you want. If you sell to us, you will avoid the wait and get the cash that you are looking for fast.

No need for repairs – You don’t have to do any repairs of pay a contractor to repair or fix anything. Once we buy your house, we will send our team to do all the repairs.

Avoid foreclosure – If you are facing foreclosure, we can help you get the cash that you need immediately.

We have the money – Unlike many house buyers who depend on government loans to buy houses, we have the money. If you sell to us, you are certain of getting the money that you want. Stop the stress of waiting for funds that can be denied.

We just want to make sure that we help you out by giving a cash offer that is fair and just.

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What You Need To Know About Canyon Lake, TX

Canyon Lake, TX History

Canyon Lake is found in the Comal County, TX. According to the 2010 census, it was estimated that 21,262 people call this place home. Being a CDP (census-designated place), it boasts of many small communities, including Hancock, Sattler, Cranes Mill, Canyon City, and Startzville. Other communities include Smithson Valley, Spring Branch, and Fischer.

Real estate investment/development began in 1964 after the Lake was completed. By then, the town had a population of 100 people only.

What to Do In Canyon Lake, TX

It’s one of the most recommended places to visit at the Texas. There are many things that you can do during your visit. The main activities here include sailing, kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, parasailing, shopping, dining and much more.

Canyon Lake Attractions

Canyon Lake Dam

This dam was built to conserve water and help control floods. Over the years, it has been very useful in safeguarding the Guadalupe River lower basin. It’s an ideal place to jog or walk. If you walk to this place, you will find many people working out and enjoying the fresh air.

Comal Park

If you enjoy outdoor activities like camping, the Comal Park is a perfect destination for you. There’s enough water for you to play in, picnic benches for having a meal with your date and amazing sceneries to enjoy.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is another great activity that you can enjoy during your visit in Canyon Lake, TX. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert of a newbie, you will certainly enjoy fishing at Guadalupe River.

Everyone has a reason why they want to sell, we’re here to listen, try us.. Call us at (210) 547-7505 today!

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