Facing Foreclosure in San Antonio?
You Really Have Just 2 Options

“List Your Home w/ Realtor”

  • You could get more cash by listing, have 3-6 months to wait?
  • Is your home in pristing condition, needing very few repairs/updates
  • See if you should list it instead of selling to us
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“Get A Fair Cash Offer Now”

  • Simply provide us with some info about your home & situation
  • We’ll schedule a time and day to see your home & run our numbers
  • We’ll give you a fair, cash offer, within 48 hours from our initial conversation
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Want To Learn How To Stop Foreclosure Now?

So, are you in a tough spot financially, and looking for how to sell to a home buyer in San Antonio to stop foreclosure?  No problem, at the very least, we can provide you with a few options for how to get out of a pending foreclosure.  We don’t buy every house that we come across, and we don’t expect to either, but we do our best to solve problems and to evaluate what the best course of action is in very difficult situations…like giving you options on how to stop an imminent foreclosure of your home.

Please don’t ever feel ashamed about foreclosure.  If you’ve done everything you could to prevent it, and yet due to life events, you weren’t able to prevent it, then it may just be best to cut your losses and move on, IF you specific situation warrants it…I saw IF, because sometimes it makes more sense to try to stay in the home, and not sell.