Choose the Best School District for Your Next Home in San Antonio

As parents buying a new property, it’s important to consider which local school you are investing in to give your kids the best education available. The school that you choose will shape the future of your family, the location that you invest in needs to be thoroughly thought through and researched.

Picking the right school district is no easy feat. There are many things to consider, as you are investing both financially and emotionally when you choose your future property.

As fast cash buyers of houses in San Antonio Texas, we’re creating this article to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right school district in our area.

Every child in Texas has the right to free public education. All you need to do is locate a school, provide the correct residency documentation, and have your child immunized with all the state required immunizations.

Ten things to consider when picking the right school district in San Antonio.

1) Talk to local parents.

There is nothing wrong with doing a little private investigating when making a decision on a school and district in San Antonio. If you’re brave enough to check with the neighbors and ring the bell of a house with children that go to the local school, they will hopefully be willing to divulge inside information. Failing this, you could head to the school and ask for the names/numbers of the school’s PTA officers.

2) Visit the school and talk with the principal.

This is your opportunity to have a look inside the school building. Check how well maintained and clean the school is, can you see displays of recent work on the walls? It’s a danger sign if the principal hasn’t got time to see you, but if they do agree to a meeting, ensure that you discuss the needs of your children and how the school can cater for them.

3) Check the data online.

Have a look on the state education departments website and take a look at the school’s profile. Remember that generally a school in a wealthy area will have high test scores, whereas school’s in low income areas probably won’t. However, comparing the average scores in similar neighborhoods may influence your home buying decision.

4) Listen to your children.

Listen to them carefully… Many of us think that our kids share our values, morals, and beliefs. In an ideal world… yes… But in reality, sometimes our children want to take a totally different academic route to the one we had set in stone for them. It’s important to listen, particularly with middle and high school students. Also, check which extracurricular activities the schools in your chosen district have to offer.

5) Go with your gut instinct.

Although unscientific, sometimes your gut feeling is the best thing to choose when making a decision about school districts. San Antonio has many districts and many schools, if you’re overwhelmed after purchasing your new house in a great area, maybe consider the school that seemed to grab you from the minute you considered choosing it.

6) Don’t underestimate the power of math.

From the first days of school your children should be exposed to math concepts. Throughout pre-school, math should start to be ingrained into their curriculum and their brains. Middle schools should encourage the study of algebra in order to give all children the backbone and education needed to succeed, and have multiple options when it comes to college and university.

7) There is no excuse for skipping recess

As adults, we all need to wind down from time to time…
But, so do kids! It has been proven that recess and ample break times provide a
boost to children’s cognitive function, thus helping them to learn and retain more
information in each school day.
Avoid school’s that are managed like military boot camps and offer no relaxation and recreation time for your children.

8) Teachers matter, even more than you might think.

Look for a school that really values its teachers. Look for a school that has great social and extracurricular events in which the parents, children, and teachers get a chance to mix and talk. Ask the teachers questions… How have they prepared for this year’s curriculum? How often are their lessons observed? What did they study as an undergraduate before deciding on a teaching career? How many years have they been teaching their chosen subject? Don’t be afraid to ask, your child’s future lies in the hands of these professionals.

9) Words are important in early years schools.

Words and reading are so important in the early years for helping with language, conversation, communication and diction. When visiting a potential school for your next house in San Antonio, look for books in the classroom, words on the walls, and regular visits to the local library. Also, ensure that teachers set aside plenty of time for reading, reading instruction, and storytelling.

10) Pick the right school district for your next house in San Antonio.

Remember, children deserve the chance to the best education possible. You are not only investing in their future and their careers, you are also investing in your retirement and a stress-free life knowing that your kids have access to all the tools and learning to really make their lives a success.

With the above tips in mind, utilize the internet to do as much research as possible into the areas before buying a house in San Antonio. There is a plethora of information available at your fingertips and plenty of property available all over San Antonio for you to view and muse over before making a decision.

If you already own a property in San Antonio and want to move to a different district we can help you with a quick cash sale for your existing property. We can close a sale as quick as you need it to be completed. We work to your timeline and can offer an all cash transaction with very fair offers. San Antonio has many different districts and many different pre, middle, and high school options available for parents. Use this guide to make an informed choice and invest in the education of your children and your own peace of mind.

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