How do I sell my house fast in San Antonio, TX?

If this is one of the many questions you’ve been asking yourself after receiving news about your job transfer or after you and your spouse decided to split or simply because you need a huge chunk of cash to help you with an emergency, then you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible to sell your house in San Antonio quickly!

You are probably wondering: How?

Well, it is quite simple actually! There are a lot of real estate companies in San Antonio, TX that buy houses for cash. And in most cases, the handover procedures are often processed within 24 hours to ensure that you get your cash by the end of the day. That way, you can move to your new job’s location or cater to any pressing financial needs in good time.

Unlike hiring a real estate agent or posting an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) on websites like craigslist and having to wait months for a serious buyer to show up, selling your house to a fast house sale company is the quickest and most convenient way of selling a property in San Antonio, TX. So, how do you go about finding one of these companies?

How to Find Authentic Cash Home Buyers

Finding a cash home buyer in Texas’ thriving real estate market is quite easy, but finding an authentic/trustworthy one is usually the hard part. In real estate, like all other industries, you are bound to come across a lot of scams masquerading as legit businesses. If you are not cautious, it is quite easy to fall victim to such scams. That’s why it’s always imperative to find a credible cash home buyer.

The best way to do so involves 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Do Some Research

Step 2: Legal and Background Checks

Step 3: Making the Sale

Doing Your Research

The first step toward finding a good and trustworthy buyer involves doing some research. And thanks to the internet, getting information about real estate companies in San Antonio, TX, is easy. Therefore, before you start making calls to your local agencies looking for quick and juicy offers, make sure you’ve done proper research first. You can even ask for recommendations from your close friends and family.

The main goal here is to know about the key players in the market which is basically the companies that are most likely to offer you the highest offer and a fastest close. Be sure to look at their client rating and reviews. Reading through such comments help you to paint a vivid picture of the nature of business interaction you should expect from the company who will be there to buy your house. Good reviews like ours mean better services.

Once you get information about at least 5 of the best companies in San Antonio, TX, you can then proceed to step 2.

Do a Little Bit of Legal and Background Checks

Good rating and reviews are always a good start, but they shouldn’t be used as a final say – remember that they may be fake or cooked up to lure you in. You need to complement the ratings and reviews with solid information like the company’s house purchase history, legal documents, their terms of service and so on. When doing your legal and background checks, these are some of the questions you should be asking:

Are they licensed by TREC?

Does the state recognize them?

Are they experienced?

How many houses have they purchased since getting into the industry?

What did they clients have to say about their deals and transactions?

Have there been any complaints lodged against the buyer?

What do they require from you in order to make the purchase?

What does the Local Real Estate Association (SABOR) have to say about the buyer?

What’s their BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating? (if they’ve been in the industry for a while)

If all the answers you get from these questions are positive and satisfactory, then you can proceed to the last step.

Making the Sale

Once you’ve settled for a credible and exceptional cash homebuyer in San Antonio, it’s time to call them and make the sale. In most cases, they’ll come to view the house and to make an offer. If you like the offer then you can agree to the sale. But as you do so, bear the following in mind:

Make sure the contract is on paper and written exactly as you had discussed. Have your lawyer present if possible.

Legit cash home buyers rarely ask for any processing fees!

A reputable cash home buyer like will always close fast.

Who is the Best Cash Home Buyer in San Antonio, TX?

Well, We Are! For decades, we have been buying houses in and around San Antonio. We have a proven track record of being one of the best real estate companies in the State of Texas. We pride ourselves in offering our clients fast and easy solutions as far as selling a house is concerned.

In case you are wondering why we are the best, here are few benefits you are bound to enjoy if you sell your house to us.

. * We can do an all-cash offer to ensure you get every penny for your house in good time.

. * Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry allow us to make great and extremely fair offers.

. * We have skilled staff members who can quickly process the purchase and issue payments within 24 hours – simply put, we close fast!

. * We pay in cash. You don’t have to worry about bounced cheques or lengthy fund transfer procedures.

. * We are licensed and legally recognized by the State of Texas as a reputable cash home buyer.

Therefore, if you are looking to sell your house fast in San Antonio, TX, we are here, ready and willing to buy it at a fair price and, most importantly, in cash.  All you need to do is to call us at (210) 547-7505 and we’ll process your sale quickly!