Potential Home Buyer Turn-Offs That Will Hurt A Sale

As cash buyers in San Antonio, Texas who buy any kind of homes and properties, we come across hundreds of houses that are extremely attractive and would sell for a very good amount of money. However, a few houses that we come across have several limitations which may be a turn-off for potential buyers. Let us look at some of these limitations and how they could be minimized:

1. Extremely Low Ceilings

Extremely low ceilings offer opportunities for accidents to occur because of reduced spaces. Children, while playing could hit and destroy lighting equipment and other equipment hanging from the ceiling. Additionally, extremely low ceilings offer unpleasant experiences to tall people as they are forced to constantly bend to avoid causing accidents.

While not everyone prefers a grand cathedral ceiling, an averagely placed ceiling should do for most potential home buyers. Buyers should always check that ceilings are placed at their preferred height. For home owners, a simple solution to fixing low ceiling problem includes using a light shade of paint on your ceilings than on the walls. This draws a person’s eyes upwards and makes the ceiling look higher. Homeowners could use molding which gives a better perspective, which then results in raising the ceiling visually.

2. Windows facing brick walls, therefore, letting in little light

Natural sunlight to our homes is essential to the well-being of the homeowner. External light has the effect of reducing internal lighting, and creating a magical feeling within the home. Additionally, external lighting creates a complex shade of beauty that extends to the home, be it during morning sunrise, during the midday sun, and dawn sunset.

External lighting to the home adds an extra shade of beauty during different seasons. During the summer, external lighting adds to the airiness of the home. During spring and autumn, the house has a touch of summer after winter and before winter respectively. The solution to scant external lighting includes pops of brighter colors, high-wattage bulbs placed strategically or pretty window films. The light that hits the decorated windows will be favorably reflected and this will create a much better feeling in the home. If you want improvements to sell your home fast, you can make use of custom etched-glass windows.

3. Messy, Untidy, and Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is the source of many allergies, diseases, and unwanted home insects and bugs. This can be a huge turnoff to potential buyers as they would not want to contract any diseases, or pay for cleaning and eradication services. Additionally, poor hygiene can be a repellant to guests, family and friends who may avoid the houses for fear of contracting diseases or allergies.

There are many causes for messy, untidy and hygienically poor homes. One of the main reason is due to lack of proper planning and division of cleaning tasks. Additionally, lack of concrete organizational skills can result in untidiness and poor hygiene. Simple solutions to poor hygiene include division of labor among house occupants. Additionally, homeowners could set rules regarding trash and unwanted items to avoid untidiness. Some homes may request professional cleaning services occasionally such as once in a month. Cleaning services have the advantage of expertise and time management which could improve value for a home during a sale.

4. Previous deaths, or crimes committed on the property

Potential home buyers are looking for tranquility and peace of mind when deciding to buy a home. The fact that a person might have died in that home or the previous occupant committed a crime in that home makes that home unattractive and a huge turnoff to potential buyers. Death or crime is the opposite of tranquility and peace.

Frequent deaths of previous owners could allay fears that the property is haunted by ghosts. This makes the property unattractive especially to families with kids. Additionally, neighbors might end up being unfriendly for fear that the potential owners are haunted as well. A property involved in crime might bring back painful memories especially to families of affected. Additionally, the home will face constant scrutiny from the public and law enforcement agencies. Homeowners need to constantly ensure they follow the laws of their respective jurisdictions if they are to attract potential home buyers. Homeowners may need to constantly remind the neighbors that the house is not haunted if they are to get good publicity. Good publicity is key to attracting potential home buyers.

5. Untidy Lawn, and poorly maintained neighborhood

Potential homeowners are looking not only for an attractive home but a pleasant community as well. A pleasant community ensures security of the area and a friendly neighborhood that is safe and welcoming to potential home buyers. A friendly neighborhood has tidy lawns, well-kept houses, road signs, walkways among other facilities.

An untidy lawn or a poorly maintained neighborhood could mean that the area faces high insecurity incidents, and lacks safety structures that are necessary for the well-being of children, mothers and family pets. It could also indicate an unfriendly community and might be a turnoff for your potential house buyer.Friendly communities join hands to build better resources for their community. Friendly communities take care of each other and ensure that each home has the necessary means and ways to tackle challenges such as poverty, insecurity, and utilities. Everyone within the community wants their home value to continue on an upward trajectory. To do so, communities and individuals must come together to create a friendly neighborhood that is safe and prosperous for each of the residents. Individual residents must continuously improve their lawns and renovate their homes. The community must continuously improve communal resources for the general well-being of the community.

As a company, we have sold many houses and fast, done many all-cash offers, and in a fair and transparent way. Our experience has shown us that there are simple undertakings that each homeowner can do to improve their home value over time. Majority of these improvements do not require huge budgets, but simple and incremental changes. A simple act such as mowing your lawn frequently could have a huge impact on the price of your home. If you are in San Antonio Texas, give us a chance to work with you and we will give you the bang for your buck!

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