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We Buy Houses San Antonio, TX

as-seen-on We Buy Houses San Antonio, TX

We are a popular company in the business of purchasing houses in the San Antonio area. In fact, we have helped many homeowners that didn’t think that they had a way out. We have the ability to buy homes for cash, so we don’t need financing from a lender to get the deal done. In recent years, our company has been quite popular among homeowners in many different regions and cities throughout Texas. We buy with no strings attached, zero.  All the terms and conditions are quite straightforward. If you are in need of cash and want to sell your home, we’re your best choice, hands down.

Our company has locations all across Bexar County, however, our popular target market has always been in suburban towns and cities within the San Antonio metropolitan area.

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How to Get an Offer from Us?

You can easily get a quote from our company when you’re finally ready to sell. You just need to visit our official website and enter your basic personal details. You also need to enter some basic information about the property. Once you have entered all the required information, we will call you and schedule an appointment to see the home. Our well experienced staff will visit your property and take a look. This will help us evaluate your property before making an offer. It will also make sure that we are able to verify all the details provided by you.

As soon as we complete the inspection and evaluate your property, we will make an appropriate cash offer on paper, using the standard TREC promulgated 1-4 single-family residential contract. The best part about our company is that we make a no-obligation cash offer, which means that you don’t need to pay us a dime for going out to your house and spending the time and money that it takes for a professional opinion of what your house is currently worth. As a result, you don’t have to rush into making any decisions. You can take as much time as you want to accept or reject the offer.

How Much Can You Get For Your House?

Let us tell you about some important factors that play an important role in determining the amount of money you can be paid for your home. The most important factor is the current condition of your home. If your house is not in tip top shape, you should expect to receive a lesser offer from us, and this is due to the fact, that after buying it, we typically spend tens of thousands of dollars in renovation costs to bring it up to full retail value.

Other Important Information

Don’t be concerned about the additional cost of repairs and maintenance of listing a home, you don’t need to worry. We buy houses in San Antonio, “as is”; Thus, you don’t need to spend any extra money on the upkeep of the house to make it look good.  However, if you are planning to increase the selling price of your house, some repairs might be necessary.

Our company does not believe in a lengthy closing process, weasel clauses or lots of paperwork. Therefore, you will be able to get your cash in no time. In fact, sometimes it can take less than seven days to sell to our company.

When we make a cash offer, there is no commission or fee involved. The company does not charge any real estate commission or fees. Whatever cash offer the company makes to you is paid in full when the deal is finalized. Unlike other real estate agents where you end up paying a lot as commission, you will not be worried about losing any money on a deal with our company.

We'll send a Distressed Real Estate Expert Take a Look at Your House

Just enter your information to get a complimentary Home analysis

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We have been in the business for long and care a lot about our customers. We employ well-experienced staff, which understands how difficult it can be to sell your house on your own. Therefore, we always try to make a fair cash offer to our customers. There is no harm in scheduling an appointment and getting your house evaluated. As mentioned earlier, accepting or rejecting the offer will be your decision and you can take your time.