10 Great Tips to Sell Your San Antonio Home Faster

Although the peak season for home buying is over, there are still some tips you could use to ensure that your home gets on the marketplace and sells even faster. With a little effort and the right approach, it would only be a matter of no time before you sell your home. Making a great first impression and setting the price right are both very essential when you want to attract buyers. But what else do you need to have in place to get those offers rolling in?


1. Price Your Home Reasonably

Often, sellers tend to set a pretty high price at the very beginning of the sale of the house and lower it with time when it fails to sell. However, this happens to be one mistake most do and it keeps off prospective buyers. As a matter of fact, it leads to a very slow sale which eventually almost always leads to an even more significant drop in the price. During the first 30 days is when your home’s potential to sell on the marketplace is evident. This is when there’s most activity and if the price is too high, many buyers as well as their agents would prefer to keep away assuming that you are not willing to negotiate the

2. Enhance Its Appearance

Your home’s curb appeal is very important – it is everything. It speaks to the senses of your buyers more significantly than even its price. Enhancing this takes into account everything from replacing the mailbox, painting the front door, planting flowers and maybe adding new sod. Buyers are probably going to form an
opinion right from that moment they have a view on your home. If they are to drive into a welcoming driveway and walk into a neat, well-kept front door, it would definitely set their expectations.

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3. Update Both the Interior and Exterior

There’s often very little attention paid to the exterior of the home. Most of the focus is placed on the interior design seeing as that is where you spend most of the time. However, the exterior demands even more time as there is constant damage by several factors including adverse environmental condition and bugs, which could result in even more undesirable effects.

4. Clean Up Thoroughly

Fewer things in your home make it seem larger which intensifies its potential to sell. Depersonalize, de-clutter and clean your home to remove excess furniture and knickknacks. Taking down posters, religious items and family photos will also allow buyers envision their family in the house rather than yours. You might
also consider hiring a cleaning service to perform a deep and thorough cleaning.

5. Stage the House According to How the Rooms Should Be Used

If there are odd rooms in your house that do not exactly have an obvious role, get them one. You might stage an old alcove off your kitchen into a pantry or an office. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Even if you have to simply describe what a home buyer in San Antonio can do with the room, try and make it sensible enough and easy to implement.

6. Make it Easy to Show the Property

If you are more flexible about visits, people would be able to get a good view of the home. There are prospective buyers who would love to visit very early in the morning, those who prefer weekends and those who would want to come at night with even little notice. If possible it would be an excellent idea to leave whenever the house is being shown to would-be buyers so that they can feel free to move around comfortably without feeling like they are intruding and to discuss the perks and limitations of the home more honestly.

7. Take Your Pet to a Park

Paraphernalia like cat boxes and dog dishes should be gotten rid of or at least hidden. If you can help it, prospective buyers should not even know that you live with pet. Not only is it a blow as clutter, it also transforms into a huge issue if the client could be allergic to fur. Pets can be an annoying distraction when trying to concentrate on something that needs keen attention. Take them to a park or have a neighbor or friend take care of them while you are out with the rest of your business.

8. Put Up Your Listing on Major Online Portals

While this is a service that should be performed by your agent, it doesn’t hurt to do a cross check to confirm that your listing is on all major sites. It helps if your agent can showcase the home across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well. This is simply because with social media, you are guaranteed that you will be able to reach even more interested people than you would with Realtor.com, Trulia and Zillow. Also confirm that both the agents and the agency have business pages where they can share listings.

9. Give the Listing Lots Great Photos

In just one picture, you can tell a lot. Imagine how much information you would give off if you could use a good number them. Most home buyers tend to start their search for property sales online in order to decide the homes they would like to see based on pictures on listings. Get a professional photographer to give you the best shots at the best possible angles. You definitely need something better than those snapshots taken by your agent’s phone quickly. With a professional, you are assured of quality edited images that you can use on a number of platforms.

10. Provide Information About the Neighborhood

An easier way to get around this is to include not just the pictures of your house but also those of the neighborhood to give a view of the available amenities such as shopping areas, dining and recreation institutions nearby. Also inform the prospective buyers if the schools around are good within the listing. Remember that you are not just marketing your home, you’re also marketing for their lifestyle.

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