6 Tips to Sell Your San Antonio House FAST!

According to the National Association of Realtors, it takes approximately three weeks to sell a house these days. Five years ago, a house stayed on the market for approximately 11 weeks, which is a massive improvement. However, these numbers are not always constant owing to several factors such as location, season, price, walkability, amenities, and season, among others. Despite all these factors, you can still sell your house fast for the right amount of money. Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

1) Set the Right Price

Most sellers usually set unrealistic prices on their houses only to end up lowering the price when they fail to sell it. If you are planning to sell a house and you want it to move fast, then you should avoid this practice. Your house might stay longer on the market than you had anticipated. Furthermore, you might eventually be forced to sell it at a lower price than the market rates. Before putting your house on the market consult a real estate agent, who will determine it’s average price. You should then price it slightly higher than the appraisal value but marginally lower than similar houses in your neighborhood. Assess the competition in your area, using platforms such as Trulia or Zillow. If most of the houses similar to yours regarding size, location and age have better furnishings, then you should sell yours at a lower price and vice versa. Your goal should be to sell your home quickly and not to make huge profit margins.

2)Enhance its Curb Appeal

You have probably heard that first impressions matter and your house is not an exception to the rule. Therefore, if your house has chipping paint and patchy grass or overgrown bushes surround it, then it will not create a good first impression. The curb will attract potential buyers to survey its interior. Potential buyers imagine themselves living in that property, driving into the driveway or walking into the front door. If your house doesn’t satisfy their imaginations, the chances are high that they will not buy it. Simple face lift procedures such as painting the exterior, trimming the bushes, weeding the yard or planting new flowers can create a world of difference. As much as you might have to spend money enhancing its curb appeal, it will be a worthy investment if it attracts the right house buyers. Furthermore, if your house is in great condition, potential buyers will see it as an advantage since they won’t have to spend time and money enhancing its appeal again.

3)Undertake Necessary Repairs

If you want your house to move fast, then you need to ensure it’s in great condition, both in and out. In short, it should meet the current market conditions. Minor things such as chipped painting or a leaky faucet can suggest you have not been maintaining your house the way it should. The good news is that you can undertake most of the minor repairs on your own. If you feel like the work is too much, then you can hire a contractor. Undertaking repairs also help your house to pass inspections, thus making the entire process easier. Also, if your house is in great condition, it will fetch better prices in the market, as opposed to a dilapidated one. Hire an electrician to check whether the electrical fixtures are in good working condition. You should also hire a local plumber to fix any issues related to water. By the time you put your house up for sale, it should be in peak condition.

4)Stage the House

Stating entails de-cluttering, cleaning, and removing any personal possessions that may be present in the house. Remove any religious items, family photos, political posters or any other personal effects. Doing that gives potential buyers an opportunity to envision themselves in that home. It’s also advisable to remove any excess furniture to make it look spacious. According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, over 95 percent of staged homes sell within 23 days at most. You should also hire a cleaning company to undertake a thorough cleaning of the house. By the time prospective buyers arrive, the house will be clean, fresh and sparkling. The goal is to make your house appear as if it’s ready for a photo shoot. You can stage the house on your own. However, if you don’t have the skills, then you can hire professional stagers to do the job.

5)Make it Easy to Show

If you are flexible about your visits, the chances are high that you will receive a higher number of potential cash home buyers. Be ready to receive prospective buyers early in the morning, over the weekends or during the evenings. After all, people have different schedules. Some will be available on the weekends, others will be available on early mornings while others can even view it during weekdays. Also, leave the visitors to view the house, once you have shown them around. This gives them the freedom to move around without feeling patronized. They will also be able to discuss its pros and cons, without any intrusion.


If you are planning to sell your house in San Antonio within the fastest time possible, then you should invest in marketing. Word of mouth and social media are among the most effective forms of marketing. Post it on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. By the time you are putting it up for sale, your social circle already knows about it, and they will share the information with their friends. You also need to ensure your house is listed on as many real estate channels as possible. Even if you enlist a real estate agent, it doesn’t hurt to do some marketing on your own. Ensure you include high-quality photos and images of your house on those listings. Sharing information about your neighborhood also goes a long way in generating interest around the house you are selling.


If you follow the above tips, your house will sell faster than similar ones in your neighborhood. We understand that selling a house is a challenging affair, and that is where we come in. We offer an all-cash offer, within the fastest time possible. All our offers are fair and reflective of the current market rates. If you are selling your house in San Antonio Texas and the neighboring areas, contact us, and we will buy it within the shortest time possible at competitive rates.

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